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About Us




The KINAʻOLE Foundation is a Native Hawaiian nonprofit corporation. Kinaʻole in Hawaiian translates to in Old Hawai’i, if a professional, whether a craftsman, artist, priest, or official, performed a particular task in his line of work, it was expected to be done without defect or flaws.  Anything less was not acceptable.  In operational terms, Kinaʻole means:  Doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling – the first time! 


As a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO), the KINAʻOLE Foundation is controlled by native Hawaiians and its activities principally benefit Native Hawaiians. The KINAʻOLE Foundation filed articles of incorporation with State of Hawai’i Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs on September 6, 2006 and was approved as an IRC section 501 c (3) entity in February 25, 2010 with an effective date for exemption status of September 6, 2006.



  • Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO): controlled by Native Hawaiians and activities will principally benefit Native Hawaiians

  • Non-Profit: Internal Revenue Service approved as a section 501 c (3) entity in September 2006


The KINAʻOLE Foundation charter defines the mission, objectives and goals of the organization: 



  • The purpose for which the Foundation is organized is to educate, advance, and promote the economic development for the people of Hawaii with Native Hawaiians as the principal beneficiary through educational and business development activities and programs.  This will be accomplished through public and private sector partnerships including; but not limited to, mentoring, training, incubation and other innovative activities specifically designed to access established programs of the federal government through its departments and agencies.  

  • Foundation will serve as a conduit to insure  social and economic advancement of Native Hawaiian and its communities.

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